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BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference

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About Shelley:

I have over 15 years of experience in photographing birds, in which I’ve spent countless hours studying the light, environment, and of course, birds, to capture something unique in my images. I find Birds to be fascinating creatures, and I just love to observe them in their natural environment. In the earlier years of my photography journey, I focused solely on capturing bird behaviour. However, as my confidence grew in the use of my camera, I started to experiment more with the light and found my preferred artistic style.

My passion is to inspire and motivate others to express their creative artistry when photographing birds. I have been running Bird Photography workshops for many years, and in recent years professionally as a business. One of my focus topics is teaching my clients the importance of light and how to shoot creatively into the light to create dramatic images. This combined with teaching the skill of taking complete control of their camera, gives my clients the tools to capture beautiful images.

My inspiration comes from light, water, and the natural habitat. In my presentations, I always utilise a combination of images and videos to clearly demonstrate what concepts I am teaching, such as how to use the environment to obtain those special shots\

Shelley is going to be speaking on creative bird photography.

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