BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference


Raoul Slater - Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference 2022
Raoul Slater

Raoul has been photographing for 40 years and mastered 35mm, medium and large formats and the wet darkroom before moving on to digital in 2009.  His interests are eclectic: ceramics, pre-sapien humans, mathematics, fine art, botany and fungi, the history of photography and comparative anatomy.  These interests are filters on his photographic lens.

Raoul’s favourite species to photograph: Australian scrub-turkey and bush thick-knee

Raoul Slater - BLPBC 2022
Australian Scrub Turkeys Post-coital behaviour submit

Raoul’s Areas of Expertise include:

  • Monochrome
  • Photo competitions
  • Composition
  • Making mistakes

Raoul’s go-to camera and lens for bird photography:

Canon R5 and 6DII

Canon 16-35, 100mm macro and 300mm f2.8

Image processing software used for bird photography:

Photoshop and Lightroom

You can find Raoul on:

Instagram: @Raoulslater

One of Raoul’s favourites:

Raoul Slater - Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference 2022
Galahs at Yelarbon Silos Submit