BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference

The inspiring bird photographers presenting at the conference include award winning bird and nature photographers, professional photographers, bird photography tour operators, international bird photographers, specialist bird photographers, and bird photography competition judges.  From tips and tricks to technical expertise, and all the creativity in between – there is something for everyone!

The lineup (in alphabetical order):

  • Barry Baker – Using photography for the conservation of seabirds and other marine wildlife
  • Graham Cam – Birds Inspiring Art:  A timeline of human endeavour
  • Chris Dalton – Creative Photography:  Multiple-exposure images overlaid
  • Graham Gall – Social Media and Beyond Birds on a Stick
  • Claire Greenwell – Photography with Purpose
  • Craig Greer – Photographing the Elusive Shorebirds
  • Jonathon Harrod – Creative Storytelling and 6 Practical Considerations
  • Jason Moore – Capturing Action in a Mirrorless World
  • Jon Norling – Pelagic Bird Photography
  • Duade Paton – Lightroom, why you should process your images
  • Mark Rayner – Bird Photography Settings and Back Button Focus
  • Georgina Steytler – Tricks and Tips for using Mirrorless and DSLRs: What to use when and why
  • Peter Waanders – Lessons for the Bird Photographer in the Wilderness
  • Nathan Watson – How to Take Great Bird Photos Close to Home
  • Jan Wegener – How you can develop your own style in bird photography, and Photoshop Tips and Tricks
  • Kim Wormald – Wildlife and Wellbeing

Be inspired and take your bird photography to the next level.