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BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference

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On Luke Paterson:

Luke Paterson, specialist guide and owner of the multi-award-winning tour operation NT Bird Specialists, has been photographing the birds of northern Australia for over 22 years.
Some of his favourite birds include the Northern Shrike-tit, Red Goshawk, grasswrens and of course Gouldian Finch


A Guide to Photographing Northern Australia’s Tropical Birds

At the conference, he will be giving a talk titled “A Guide to Photographing Northern Australia’s Tropical Birds.” Join Luke for this immersive talk as he shares his approach to bird photography and helping others achieve high quality bird and wildlife images:

Specialist guide and owner of NT Bird Specialists Birding & Photographic Safaris, Luke Paterson, has been photographing birds and wildlife of northern Australia’s remote tropical savannah’s for over 22 years.

Post-study conservation endeavours first took Luke to the Broome Bird Observatory as an Assistant Warden, where his childhood passions for photography instilled by his father, triggered a love of bird photography. 
Since then, Luke’s multi-award-winning special-interest experiences and ecological surveys throughout the Northern Territory’s Top End and Kimberley regions have provided him many unforgettable photographic encounters with rare and unique birdlife in harsh yet beautiful ancient landscapes.

Acute sight, hearing and immense local knowledge of northern Australia’s flora and fauna cycles aids the production of Luke’s photographic outcomes and more importantly, sets guests up perfectly to capture wonderful images of their own.

Luke’s expertise lies in combining years of in-depth professional knowledge with finessed ethical field craft to share the joys of bird photography with guests from around the world, as well as working with Aboriginal ranger groups, national parks and supporting local communities to survey and promote the benefits of responsible tourism.

Spending countless hours exploring the bush has only made his passion for birding and wildlife photography grow stronger. Luke personally enjoys the challenges of capturing birds in flight and behavioural patterns, as well as more traditional bird portraiture. 
Luke loves a challenge and will not give up easily.

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