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BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference

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Jasmine Vink - Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference 2022
Jasmine Vink

Jasmine is a professional ecologist, amateur photographer and bat rehabilitator based out of Brisbane. Her photographic and personal interests lie in lesser known or maligned species, particularly bats and reptiles. She enjoys photographing these species and being able to show them in a different light.  

Her presentation will focus on the photography of “leathery birds” (bats) using motion sensor triggers and the potential for this technology to be used for bird photography. She will discuss the different kinds of sensors she has and their uses, flash set ups, camera settings and general tips and tricks she has learnt through trial and error.  

Jasmine Vink - Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference 2022
Ghost Bat captured using motion sensor triggers

Jasmine has won multiple photographic awards including Australian Photographer – photographer of the year (overall winner), Australian Travel Photographer of the Year (wildlife) and Australian Geographic Photographer of the Year (threatened species). She has been published in a large number of books and magazines both domestically and internationally.  

One of Jasmine’s favourite photos:

Tasmanian Devil - Jasmine Vink, BLPBC2022
Tasmanian Devil