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BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference

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Graham Cam - Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference 2022
Graham Cam

When asked to summarise his life, Graham chooses four terms, Research Scientist – Ornithologist – Photographer – Educator. Graham’s research career spans over 35 years as a molecular and developmental biologist, applying leading-edge DNA technologies to enhance our understanding of animal biology. A love of biology started from the time he could walk, progressing through those early years, to studying birds at a scientific level by the age of 14, when he commenced his bander training through the Australian Bat and Bird Banding Scheme (ABBBS). Graham’s dedication to ornithological organisations as an adjunct to his professional life led to him being awarded an Honorary Life Member of the Australian Bird Study Association, after 25 years as President and Editor-in-Chief of the Association’s international ornithological journal. Graham currently works on several scientific and conservation projects with ABBBS, Birdlife Australia and Bush Heritage.

Integrating science and ornithology with a love of photography, Graham transitioned from 35mm film to the digital era, filling his kit bag with Nikon professional camera bodies and lenses, which along with extended hours of study and practice, have enabled him to capture images at a professionalism level. Graham is currently a member of Nikon Professional Services. In 2019, Graham stepped down from Birdlife Photography – Australia after six years on the committee, five of those years as President. In 2020, he was awarded Honorary Life Membership of Birdlife Photography “in recognition of outstanding leadership” and continues supporting Birdlife Photography as the Immediate Past President. With more time on his hands, bird research and bird photography feature as Graham’s passionate pursuits.

Graham’s photographic areas of expertise:

First-hand experience over the last 5 months with the new Z9 for small bird photography

Lightroom Classic CC & digital noise – image processing

Action & flight Photography

Fill flash & multi flash applications

Bush bird photography set-ups


Favourite bird families:

Parrots and raptors

Graham Cam - Crimson Chat
Crimson Chat – shortlisted in the Birdlife Australia Photography Awards 2021

Go-to camera and lens for Bird Photography:

  • DSLRs – Nikon D500 & D850
  • Mirrorless – Nikon Z9
  • Nikkor lenses – AF-S 600 F4 FL ED VR, AF-S 180-400 F/4E inbuilt TC1.4x FL ED VR; AF-S 500mm F/5.6 PF ED VR


Image Processing Software used for Bird Photography:

  • Lightroom Classic CC;
  • Photoshop CC;
  • Capture One;
  • plug-ins and standalones – Neat Image;
  • Topaz DeNoise;
  • Topaz Sharpen;
  • NIK Suite;
  • DXO PureRaw


You can find Graham on:

  • Instagram: @wildcamphotography
  • Birdlife Photography website: my articles and videos – free to BLP members
  • Website: a new wildcamphotography.com to be launched in first quarter of 2022

One of Graham’s favourites:

Graham Cam, Violet Sabrewing - Birdlife Photography biennial conference 2022-
Violet Sabrewing – A favourite from Costa Rica, captured before the Covid19 overseas travel restrictions

Please come and meet with me at the Gold Coast – I look forward to presenting, and talking with you about birds, bird photography and conservation issues.