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BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference

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Duade Paton

Duade has a passion, some say addiction, for bird photography and loves nothing more than being out with his camera and enjoying nature.  He enjoys all types of bird photography but has a special interest in shorebirds and waterbirds.  He gets a lot of joy and satisfaction when his photos are used in campaigns to help protect Australia’s wonderful birds.

Duade is active on his YouTube channel where he shares his tips and tricks for taking photos and is delighted that others learn from the content.


He is very much looking forward to chatting and engaging with everyone at the conference and is happy to answer any questions people may have.

Go-to camera and lens for Bird Photography:

Canon R5 & R6

Canon EF500 F4 IS II & Canon RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS

Image Processing Software used for Bird Photography:

Lightroom and Photoshop plus additional plugins for noise reduction

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