BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference


Chris Dalton - Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference 2022
Chris Dalton

My name is Chris Dalton and I am Professional Markets Manager at Nikon Australia. I have been with Nikon for over 12 years. I manage several different genres including, The Department of Defence, Surf, Dive and of course, Birdlife.

I work with photographers and organisations to provide training and assistance to get the most out of their photography.

As a keen bird photographer, during COVID lockdowns, I was unable to travel far, so I focused on my local pond. I wanted to challenge myself to create appealing images of one of Australia’s most disliked bird, the Ibis. All things in life can be beautiful, we sometimes need to change our perspective of the subject and learn to see beauty in all forms.

Chris Dalton - Ibis
Ibis – multiple exposure

I have been working on the technique of multiple exposures and have developed some techniques to get the most out of multiple exposure photography.  This also changed the way I exposed my images and I learnt the value of over and under exposing for dramatic or subtle effect.  I will also talk through the decision process of why I choose mirrorless or DSLR cameras and what are my favourite lenses and why.

I challenge you to answer the question, “Would you hang a photo of an Ibis on your kitchen wall, or in your bedroom?”

Chris’ areas of expertise include:

  • Photographing birds in multiple exposure to create abstract, emotive art
  • In-camera techniques
  • Nikon equipment

Go-to camera and lens for bird photography:

Nikon Z 9, with F mount 500mm f5.6 PF lens.

Wish list includes the 400mm f2.8 Z and the 800mm f6.3 PF lens.

Image processing software used for bird photography:

Lightroom, Nikon NX studio, Capture One and Topaz

You can find Chris on:

  • Instagram: @chrisdalton
  • Facebook: @chrisdalton
  • Email:

One of Chris’ favourties:

Chris Dalton - Ibis. Birdlife Photography Biennial Conference 2022
Chris Dalton – Ibis