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BirdLife Photography Biennial Conference

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Introducing Athena

As a child I spent many wonderful times in the Kruger National Park. We learned to wait silently for animals, birds and even dung beetles to emerge from the long grass and enchant us with a special encounter. I learnt the infinite art and gift of patience. Exactly the attribute that is needed for bird photography.

I became a birdwatcher in Australia. Our exotic parrots and noisy birds inspired me to plant a bird-attracting garden in the early 1990s. I then had to buy a camera to record them all as they arrived. My love of bird photography blossomed in tandem with my garden.

Although I am not a professional, I have had the privilege of many of my photos being chosen for calendars both in Australia, Cyprus and South Africa. I have done and still do workshops for Sony cameras. A few of my photos have landed up in Australian Geographic and then also used via Birdlife for various causes, the proudest one being the anti-duck hunting lobby in South Australia. I also have an ongoing newsletter or photography blog that showcases both my photos and view of the birding, sometimes insect, sometimes other world. 

I hope to entertain and enlighten you with my take on the magnificent obsession that is birdwatching and bird photography.

Conference Talk: “Stay Calm, Put The Camera To Your Eye and Become Calmer”

A humorous but serious and practical look at what it takes to get those fabulous photos we all want. Learn about applying some good old common sense to your quest. I will also discuss whether it is the camera and lens, the location, the ‘likes’ on Instagram or just you and your camera that makes you happy every single time you go out into the field.

I am low key and do it all for my own personal satisfaction and fun…. Well in that case how on earth did I end up with $20,000 worth of camera gear when I am so happy with only my binoculars?

Sit back and enjoy my experiences which I know will resonate with yours.

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